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Configuring Apex Kafka Connector with Security

Aug 31, 2017 • Thomas Weise [@thweise]

The Apache Apex Kafka connectors are probably the most frequently used integration to get streaming data into an Apex application for real-time analytics or other processing.

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Writing to Apache Kudu from Apache Apex

May 28, 2017 • Ananth Chakravarthy [@_ananth_g]

This is a guest blog from Ananth Chakravarthy, Data Architect at Commonwealth Bank and contributor to Apache Apex. Connect with Ananth via LinkedIn.

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One Year Anniversary of Apache Apex

Apr 25, 2017 • Thomas Weise [@thweise]

One year ago, on April 25th, 2016, Apache Apex was announced as Top-Level Project by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). At that time, Apex was already quite mature: its original development started in 2012, first production deployments (paying customers!) followed in 2014 and the 3.x release line with guaranteed backward compatibility initiated in 2015. The project took until mid 2015 to be open sourced, it entered the Apache incubator in August, and it graduated a relatively short 8 months later. This was an exciting event for some of the early contributors.

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Working with the Apache Apex CLI

Apr 8, 2017 • Thomas Weise [@thweise]

You have developed your first Apache Apex application, perhaps written integration tests that succeed in your IDE in embedded mode and are now ready to take the application for a spin on the cluster? Maybe you have an Apache Hadoop YARN cluster on Amazon EMR, Google Cloud Dataproc or another environment and would like to use it for this purpose?

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